What’s the Story?

Art. This is about Art for God’s Sake. And yeah, I mean that exactly how you took it.

My Grandma used to say to my Grandfather, “Loren, for God’s sake, would you please stop cutting up those kids’ apples with your dirty pocket knife!”

This is Art… for God’s sake. Isn’t obvious? Doesn’t  art make you stop in your tracks and look at the world a bit differently? Doesn’t it make you throw up your hands and say, “good grief, I’ve never seen anything like this before!

That’s what art does for me, and that is why I would also say that I make art for God’s sake. As a spiritual and holy practice. I appreciate the creative process and images in and for worship as a way of knowing God more fully. As a way of experiencing God with all of my senses. I believe art-making pushes us into an experiential, messy and risky way of participating in our faith.

As I continue to weave my artist identity together with my pastor, chaplain, preacher, teacher, parenting and partnering identities my work and projects will surface here. For God’s sake and for the sake of building community with other creative types who are using their gifts in amazing ways to work for love and justice and tell the story of God in the world.

If you or your organization is interested in live art-making during worship and/or events, in integrating worship and spirituality through hands-on workshops or retreats you can contact me for more information and ideas!



3 responses to “What’s the Story?

  1. Keep these articles coming as they’ve oepend many new doors for me.

  2. Shawna – have loved your work during worship at the Peace Congress. (I’m the one who asked your name this am). And only later found out that you and Anita David (I’m staying w/ her in Chicago for the Congress) are friends – I love the small world God has created 🙂

    Did a blog post on your piece yesterday – I know I’m not capturing it, but your art spoke to me of the margins in a way that words never have.

    Blessings in your ministries. Beth

    Here’s the blog link if you want to check it out: http://ifbethhadablog.blogspot.com/2011/10/drawing-our-lives.html

  3. shana

    thats cool, I’m an artist as well, and have found it a bit hard to figure how to express that part of my spirituality in my artwork. but i see it can be done….

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