Rev. Shawna Bowman

Is the Pastor at Friendship Presbyterian Church in Chicago (they meet in a train station, pretty cool    huh?)

She also paints for worship services, poetry slams, conferences and story telling events.

Shawna is   curious about the role of Art in worship, what it means prophetically, liturgically and theologically and would love to talk to you about that!

Shawna teaches  art-making as a  spiritual practice regularly in Chicago and around the country. For Information on workshops and retreats or to invite Shawna to consult, collaborate or paint in your worshiping community send a note to her at

Shawna writes an ‘almost daily’ reflection on the lectionary for the coming Sunday here at Daily Reflections – Working Towards Sunday
Shawna wrestles her art, creative collaborations and their stories onto this site here at Art For God’s Sake

If you would really like to get connected you can also follow Shawna on facebook, twitter, tumblr or follow the action at Friendship on their facebook page!

One response to “Connect

  1. Jackie Fewtrell

    Dear Shawna
    Hi, my name is Jackie, I live in Brisbane Australia. I like to paint though I am not very good at it and do not often have the opportunity. For me, painting allows me to switch off. Often it is hard to be just still and get close to God, and I was thinking that painting would be a way to do that. I am hoping to get a few like minded people together and somehow couple painting with a time to get close to God. Do you have any ideas?

    Thank you

    Jackie Fewtrell

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